Friday, November 20, 2009

King of the Beasts...

Ryker's Halloween Costume 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger...

Hi All...

To anyone who is still checking our blog for updates... Thank You and I apologize. I had every intention of being a better blogger and keeping our page up-to-date... my good intentions are merely thoughts in my head- right before I drift off to sleep. I am now pledging to TRY harder- to at least update photos. I'm sure that's what most everyone likes anyway right?? Here's our update:

I have busy with work, travelling a ton, everywhere from El Paso, TX to Meridian, MS to Durango, CO. It's been crazy, but it's so fun! Along with travelling a lot, i've also gotten to spend a lot of time at home. I was lucky enough to be home the whole month of August, Yay! My how time flies! Scott is finally getting busy with work again, for a while there, you couldn't tell who 'worked from home'... me or him... but thank heavens things are picking back up...

funny how it slows down just in time for the Elk hunt!?! Scott spent a ton of time in Jackson, WY tracking and hunting the very elusive Bull Elk... disappointing enough to not bring one home... UNTIL the last weekend. He decided we'd all go up to Bear Lake and he'd head into Wyoming from there... all alone, not really expecting anything, he must of put his whole head and heart into it that day because to my (and probably his) suprise, he brought home a huge, trophy, spike. :O) Doesn't matter to me, elk meat is elk meat and now our little freezer is full! Way to go Scott!! We are so proud of him.

Ryker is growing like always... his favorite thing right now is 'Yo Gabba Gabba'. I swore the first time I saw this show would be the last... but it seems to have grown on me... and I know all the words to all the songs... Ryker loves it and he dancy dances like a mad man... it's amazing to me how much he learns just from watching that show... I know that sounds soooo stupid but he watches the characters and he does just what they do- if they dance he dances the same way... he marches like they march... he wiggles... he holds still... he even wants his hat on his head when he sees they are wearing their hats... it amazes me.

However... Brobie never invited crayons to the party in his tummy.

Lately he has been obsessed with his crocs... he wants them on his feet even when he has nothing else on... (notice the blue feet in the tub). Ryker was Max from 'Where the Wild Things Are' for Halloween... as soon as I get the pictures i'll post them, he was so stinking cute. His mom in all her craftiness sewed his costume but neglected to actually measure his legs and arms so his Max costume nearly fit Scott as well. Ryker had a hard time walking and getting his balance and while we were at gamma lucy's work, he was showing off his 'squatting' abilities and squatted his little nose right into the carpet... three times. Poor baby... the rug burn is just barely healing. We had a great time trick or treating with Cazley, she was a samauri princess... very cute.

Cazley is doing well too. She was baptized the end of July and she started the third grade and this quarter she got all A's!! What a smarty pants!! Well, that is the post-it note version of the last 3 months around our house... good start to my new resolve eh??

Friday, August 7, 2009

My All Boy Little Boy...

I must admit at the age of one, my little man is about as boy as they come. This was a pic of his first four wheeler ride. He knows when the helmet goes on... he gets to go for a ride. He loves it... riding around on the beach at Bear Lake or even up the hill to the dumpsters. His little knees are stained brown, I can't tell if it's perma-dirt or a little suntan. The other day I was out pulling weeds and he was helping, I look over and he was pulling rocks out of his mouth (anything he can't really chew, he pulls back out, thank heavens!!) My little all-boy boy started walking last weekend. Now he is all over the house... hiding toys, starting up the dishwasher and playing in the blinds. He even has the facial expressions of an all-boy boy, from naughty to nice before the milk even hits the floor!! He is such a good boy!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's the facination?

What is the facination with an empty (or better yet, full) dishwasher? Ryker could play in it for hours. Pulling out the rack, pushing it back in, opening and closing the flap doors. Now, if I could just get him to load and unload, we'd be set.

We're getting ready for Ryker's second surgery on Thursday. This procedure involves the soft palate repair, removing and replacing his hard palate prosthesis as well as replacing the tubes in his hears. We're hoping we'll be home in time for fireworks on Saturday.

Happy Fourth of July!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm so lucky...

This week i'm spending 4 and a half days in Southern and Central Oregon. I flew into Medford on Monday, spent last night in Klamath Falls and today we drove to Bend, OR. Klamath Falls isn't the lucky part, the lucky part is that we got to drive by Crater Lake, we had enough time before our second observation session in Bend that we were able to take the scenic route right through Crater Lake National Park. I can't even explain the breath-taking beauty so here are a few pictures: Crater Lake was formed nearly 8000 years ago when a volcano called Mt. Mazama erupted, after the eruption, the top of the volcano collapsed in forming a huge caldera.
(Look at my impressive vocabulary!!)Can you believe it is 6 miles wide??
This one is hard to see but at the top of the little snow hill is the cutest little rock and log cabin.

The peak in the very middle of this picture is called Scott's Peak :O)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Flag Day

Ryker was all ready for Flag Day...
Here he is waving his very oversized flag:
Hey... Where's the parade??

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 5 Years!!

Scott and I have been married for 5 years today... The day we wed was identical to today... cold and rainy! We had to move our reception inside, we didn't get as many pictures as we wanted, everthing was wet, but it was wonderful!

5 years later, it's still wonderful! Our lives have changed so much from where we were 5 years ago but I absolutely love the path we walk and the fact we walk it together is even better. Scott is my best friend and i'm glad I get to share everyday with him.

Look at these beautiful flowers he sent me today... Gerbera Daisies are my absolute favorite!! What a sweet guy!!

About Us

Scott and I met at Bear Lake on the 4th of July in 2003. We married the following June. We live in Harrisville and love it there! Scott works as an electrician with his friend's company, Brandon Nelson Electric. I work managing the lab at the Intermountain North Ogden Clinic. I'm currently finishing up my associates degree in Computer Science at WSU.